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Who Are Your Inspiration Peeps?

Who Are Your Inspiration Peeps?

Who inspires you? Some of my inspirations: my Dad, SARK, my Aunt Helen, Wayne Dyer, Henry David Thoreau, Vern Woolf, Stephen Hawking, Jay Shetty — that’s a start. Tell me about the last time you spent time with someone that inspires you. Who is your inspirational person? What makes them inspirational to you?

There are several inspirational people in this world. Interesting thought about these inspirational figures — one could never know them all — and yet, how often do we reach out to spend time with someone who inspires us? I know, I know! We have jobs to do, families to care for, places to go, and people to see. Where, though, does inspiration fit into your life? Do you ever intentionally seek an inspirational person and spend time there?

It is quite one thing to spend time with a living person who inspires you. Schedule a lunch, attend a webinar or TED Talk, share a coffee, block off an afternoon… you get the idea. When was the last time you intentionally scheduled time with someone who inspires you? For me, yesterday.

But wait! How does one spend time with a person who has already let go of their physical body? Well, thank goodness, sometimes, these amazing individuals have published their thoughts and ideas in written form. Drenching yourself in a book by an inspiring person is one way to slather yourself in inspiration. Perhaps even watching a film or doing some research about someone who inspires you allows you to spend time with someone who is no longer physically roaming the earth.

If it were all about the gospel according to Alexis, when we find inspiring people and spend time there, it is time that doesn’t count against us in our lives. It seems to me inspiring people are some of the wisest connections we can make in our life circle. After all, we are in this life thing together. Doesn’t it make sense to make the most of those who inspire you?

Image by Joe from Pixabay