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Let’s talk about feeling quirky. As I’ve traveled around the sun, I embrace quirks. Okay. Let’s start with what quirky looks like. For those of you who know me and have seen me in person lately, my quirkiness looks like my funky fresh glasses — one lens is square and the other one is round. (She giggles and snickers.) Yes, it’s true! What does it look like to you?

What goes on in your body when you feel unconventional? I feel unique and individual when I jump into feeling quirky. It draws out a fun play in my soul. Awareness of quirkiness causes a playful smile to grace my face. Say the word and giggles bubble to the surface. When I see it in other people, I see a part of what makes them unique.

Sure, going with the flow and fitting in has its place. Step out of that mindset and an opportunity to serve an important part of life energy appears. That aliveness brings with it phenomenal moments. What would the sea be like without a clown fish, for example? Doesn’t this beautiful creature bring color and diversity to the world as we know it?

Going out on a limb here, but I’d venture a guess you, as a person, like the clown fish, bring your own brand of life and living to the universal existence as we know it. I’m glad you’re you, and not a replica of me or anyone else. You make this world the interesting place that it is. I thank you for that which feels quirky inside. What a delightful emotion this is!

The function of my quirkiness brings color to my life canvas that both complements and stands out in the picture. When I embrace my quirkiness, it helps me to see, notice, and remember how another’s quirks make life whole, colorful, and rare.

When you feel quirky, what does it look like to you? How does it feel and what is its function? Where in heaven’s name do you feel quirky on your amazing body?

Feelings help us be both inspiring and inspired…

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Image by Neal Smith from Pixabay