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Definition of affection: 1) A tender feeling toward another; fondness; 2) Feeling or emotion; 3) A disposition to feel, do or say; a propensity.

What does Affection look like? I see a son shopping for groceries, to help his mother have some ‘tie overs’ to enjoy between the meals provided at her ‘senior living’ facility. I see a wife giving her husband a surprise gift. It also looks like a passion for playing the piano.

What does Affection feel like; where do you feel it in your body? I feel warmth in my belly and heart. It feels calm and loving and creates a vibration of acceptance. When someone steps outside of themselves to lend someone a hand to someone I feel cooperative and caring. It opens the door for shared joy and peace. Sometimes it feels inviting or affirming. Experiencing this feeling encourages me to speak nicely to myself. When I feel it, I want to share it with others.

Feeling Affection functions to help me be aware of the goodness in the world. When I feel it, I imagine love flowing out of my heart, freely, into the world. No need for recognition, just a wave of love to set sail in the realm of possibility. It functions to provide acceptance not only of myself but also acceptance of others. Affection fosters relationships, with people, hobbies, and with groups. When affection happens, it is shared, and this might be just the right gift for someone today.

If you’re feeling it, this is an invitation for you to explore affection today. What does affection look like to you? How does it feel to you, and/or where do you feel it in your body? Explain how it works or functions for you. What are some expressions of affection?

We are creatures with feelings…

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Photo by David Selbert