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Zany is an interesting emotion to play with! For those who might not know what that means: comical or ludicrous because of incongruity or strangeness. Do you know anyone who fits that description? Have you ever done anything silly, and do you remember how that feels? That’s zany.

The most pronounced images that come to mind when I think about feeling zany is walking around with tape on my nose; no reason, simply a silly gesture. It gets people to notice you doing something silly, and there’s always laughter that ensues. Maybe it looks like watching a football game and seeing those super committed fans who dress up or paint their face in the team colors.

Here’s something to try: look at yourself in the mirror, open your eyes wide, and open your mouth and wiggle your tongue. There you go — there’s a zany expression! Now look at yourself in the mirror and giggle. How does that feel? I feel laughter welling up in my belly and then I let it out and laugh out loud.

It’s fun, isn’t it? When I feel zany, it lightens the weight of other things that are going on in my life. Releasing the seriousness for a moment is a great way to remember it’s okay to play. It allows the energy to shift and loosens my grip on more serious emotions. Those emotions are worthy experiences too, but it is also important to recognize when it’s time to step away from them. Introducing a little dose of ‘zany’ into the mix is a great way to create balance.

Go ahead; let out a zany noise or make a silly face. Let your heart engage in a moment of foolishness. There now. How does it feel? Do you have a silly story you can share in which you allowed a bit of zaniness to slip out? I want to hear about one of your zany moments.

Go forth and allow yourself to feel…

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Image by M W from Pixabay