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Youthful is a feeling I enjoy frequently as I’m equipped with a kid like heart. That said, let’s talk about what happens when this emotion bubbles to the surface.

Youthfulness brings to mind images of children playing in a park, or the wonder in a child’s eyes when they discover the taste of chocolate. It looks like a puppy jumping into a cushy pile of leaves or someone jumping into a pool, making a world-class splash that showers everything in its wake. I can hear the giggles and laughter ringing in my ears, drowning out any wisp of gloom present in prior moments.

Thinking about feeling youthful brings a natural smile to my face that dominates anything going on around me. While it isn’t always appropriate to giggle out loud, it’s good to know I can experience my private youthfulness anytime I desire. My heart feels lighter and my cells rejuvenate in the ripples of this emotion. How about you? Where do you feel this scrumptious youthfulness in your body when it is present?

This delightful emotion feels energizing to me. When I see a child focused on playing, it is as if nothing outside the point of focus matters. It is free and fun-loving, and I say to myself, “If I could just bottle that up and drink it anytime I need a boost!” Think about a happy dog and that uncontrollable joy that makes a tail wiggle with such intensity his/her whole being wobbles. That’s what youthful feels like to me.

The function of youthfulness for me is to remember to play. I often get so wrapped up in ‘getting things done’ that I forget that it’s okay to laugh, to play, to be lighthearted. Feeling youthful brings that back for me and helps me to remember to keep a good balance of work and play in my daily emotional diet.

Feelings make us real…

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Image by moerschy from Pixabay