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Life Writes
Life Writes

Someone asked me the other day how I came up with Life Writes. Think with me for a moment about the experiences you have every day—or better yet, through the course of your life. How have those experiences shaped who you are today? I venture a guess that your experiences influence who you are and how you interact with life around you. I know my experiences add color to my life canvas. (Her canvas is like the sky, it’s always changing.)

Experiences can be big or small, but they all help hold things together and mold us into the unique beings we are. Think about one of your bigger life experiences. Can you see parts of that in yourself that color how you interact with others? Here’s one of mine. I have a friend I met in the 7th grade, right after I moved to a new place. To this day, she is still one of my best friends.

How about the small stuff? Do small experiences affect how you interact with others? Here’s one of mine. I just watched a video about feeling playful, and it has turned my procrastinating mood into something much more delightful. Perhaps you can subliminally feel the difference in my choice of words or tone of voice.

Every day is an experiment. You’ll see people today that you didn’t see yesterday. You’ll see some of the same people today that you saw yesterday. Your interactions with those folks may be very similar, but here’s the thing; your unique experiences since yesterday can change how you relate to each other today.

How you feel, and the experiences you have, affect how you present yourself and see others. There are fresh stories to tell and there are new colors in your palate affecting the tone of the picture you’re painting. Life writes. These are my stories, and I share them freely. Perhaps my story complements your story. Who knows?

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