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Nirvana is that deep, sustained feeling of contentment and harmony that comes from a profound connection with yourself and the world. There’s no suffering or desire in this feeling. It is peace-full, and mindful.

Have you experienced moments when you felt completely connected to all of life? I feel this when I’m hiking in the woods. I hear the leaves rustle, the birds conversing, and the sound of my feet as they trod upon the earth. My mind is free to breathe and feel the life in the trees and plants around me. When chaos abounds, I reach for nirvana to calm the wild buzz of energy around me.

When I step into feeling nirvana, my body calms and settles into a sense of acceptance. At the risk of sounding woo-woo, I feel attuned to the vibration of life around me. The energy might be calm, or it might be rambunctious. The key is being engaged with it, realizing I’m a part of it, and understanding how fluid we are. It allows me to feel without resisting or clinging to something.

Nirvana teaches me I am not alone in this world—we’re all connected and our energy impacts the whole of life. It helps me act from a place of compassion toward myself and others. My ego falls away so I can be open, aware, and intentional about operating from the wise heart within me.

Think for a moment about ocean waves. Each individual wave is a part of the whole. A wave may escalate and roll over, creating a splash or momentum, but it is a part of the whole living organism that is the sea. A wave cannot roll without all the other energy surrounding it. It dances with the energy of all that is within and around it. That is nirvana.

Take a few moments to be with the nirvana inside you. How does it change you? How does it influence your perception? What does it do to your assessment of yourself?

Emotions are like waves moving us…

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay