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Feeling optimistic! It’s a glass-half-full kind of day. To me, optimism looks like a fist pump with a big YES attached to it. You know, when the pieces all come together and it’s a ‘yes’ moment? I feel like I can do anything when I tap into feeling optimistic. Favorable outcomes all around!

My body feels confident when I feel optimistic. How ‘bout you? Where does optimism live in your body? I can feel my shoulders drop, my posture is straight and supportive, and I can feel myself smiling. It brings about a can-do attitude that spills into anything I’m doing.

I have a morning routine that involves walking 3 miles every day. When I pop out of bed in the morning, I give myself a few moments to wake up and get my bearings, and I find a good walking video to watch. Then, I set myself up on the treadmill, and away I go! Right now I’m watching a walking tour in Sydney, Australia—one of my favorite places. I’m optimistic about moving, about walking and lifting weights while I saunter through Sydney City. I see the Opera House, the Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, and everything around and in between.

What’s the difference between feeling optimistic and feeling positive? Optimism refers to a general belief or expectation that things will turn out well. Feeling positive has more to do with positive thinking attitudes and/or actions. Can you remember the last time you felt optimistic? You could clearly see the potential of what was going on around you. Perhaps it felt hopeful.

I’m striving to feel more optimistic. Feeling optimistic breeds a plethora of ‘can-do’ partners. Anything feels possible. There’s that potential coming back in for a peek. It’s a prominent emotion to have in the vocabulary, and an even more amazing one to put on and wear for a while. There’s no requirement to have it on all the time, but it brings a nice undercurrent to my perspectives about things.

Emotions are flexible and move through us fluidly…

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Being Optimistic

Image by Vinzenz Lorenz M from Pixabay