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What images bubble to the surface when you feel Playful? I see a giggling child playing in a sandbox or jumping in a pile of leaves. Sometimes it looks like a couple splashing each other in a pool. I imagine Grandpa wearing wild, colorful socks. Sometimes I put an outrageous ribbon on my head or put a sticker on my nose to incite playfulness.

I feel playfulness in my belly. It feels like bubbles coming out. It’s like a wiggle with a fully charged battery. When you feel Playful, where do you feel it in your body? It feels like breaking out in a wild dance with a dose of silliness.

Feeling playful is an important emotion to recognize and is worthy of our participation. It generates personal, energetic positivity that is contagious and inviting. I know I’m drawn to other people’s playfulness when I observe it. Would you like to see more fun? Playfulness feels good and is motivating. It enhances our health and helps us survive life.

What is the purpose of feeling playful? It helps us live happier and longer. Our brains are engaged by this. It invites us to take part socially. I find feeling playful ignites creativity and helps me transition from heavier emotions into lighter ones. We need more play in our lives to keep things balanced and bright.

Life without play in our lives can lead us to rigidity. Without it, our focus and mindset becomes narrow and limiting. Feeling playful helps us to handle stress and reduces our need for control – in life, in relationships, in business, and in our hearts.

When do you feel playful and how long does it take for you to recognize it? Imagine what it looks like and how it feels. What is its function? Experiments with play show us how playfulness changes what we experience in life  

We are feelers learning how to think…

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Image by NickyPe from Pixabay